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14B Dolland St
London, SE11 5LN
United Kingdom

WAREHOUSE Renovation



For this project, the client seeks to refurbish a warehouse, build new offices internally and create an exhibition room, all with a tight budget and the minimum visual impact on the surroundings.
Facing the street, the building has a large showroom window, which allows strong visual connections between the people passing by and the exhibition inside. As part of the remodelling of the warehouse, the proposal was to cover this large expanse of glass with perforated steel panels which can be opened in the day and shut at night, keeping the ground floor safe yet translucent, so people by night can still enjoy the exhibition from the outside of the building and those inside remain connected to the street.





Type: Commission
Location:  Bogota, Colombia
Size: 1.200 square meters
Status: Built
Team: Giorgio Badalacchi