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14B Dolland St
London, SE11 5LN
United Kingdom




The building contains a complex programme that brings educational, administrative, recreational and residential uses together, turning it into a space for social interaction capable of facilitating casual meetings between members of the Uniandinos community. 
In order to maximize the potential of the building as a space of social interaction, the program is organized around a large central void, which enables encounters between members of the extended university community. The building is efficient in its construction method and the program distribution ensures the full use of flexible spaces while allowing adaptation to new needs.





Type: Open Competition
Date: 01.2016
Location:  Bogota, Colombia
Size: 15.000 square meters
Status: Competition Entry
Team: Anna Kulik, Giorgio Badalacchi
Natalia Canal, Antonio Bermudez, Ana winograd, Laura Gutierrez

External associate: Felipe Rodriguez
Images: MOBO,  M.O.N.O.M.O