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14B Dolland St
London, SE11 5LN
United Kingdom




The wall is the representation of the line that separates dream from reality, it is the transition between the abstract world and real life.
In this installation we are creating multiple scenarios where people can dream. If a visitor looks at it from either side of the park, he will see a wall. However, a touch of curiosity will open a path- a walk for a dream. 
The installation creates multiple private spaces within the wall, whilst at the same time maintaining a purely public environment outside.
The Wall is crafted from two mirrored pyramidal bounding boxed elements that allow the possibility of such a mirage. In each face of the wall there are 1000 wooden parallel pieces. Each piece has 5 visible faces, so in total we have 50000 faces. One face for each wish, and every person is welcome to ask, because when we really want something, the dream will always come true





Type: Open Competition Arch Triumph
Date: 11.2013
Client: Arch Triumph
Location:  London, United Kindom
Size: 60 square meters
Status: Concept 
Team: Anna Kulik, Giorgio Badalacchi