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URBAN Transparency



The Town Hall works today as a space for the distribution of power and decisions, it is the place that aims to achieve and maintain equal opportunities and development throughout every element of society.
Our proposal seeks to reproduce this concept, building spaces for equity, transparency, communication; a democratic meeting space.
Teusaquillo is one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in Bogota, where cultural, academic, culinary, and environmental scenarios combine to generate a public arena with urban qualities that are unique in the city. Is a place to meet and learn through sharing and exchange, where the inhabitants are used to seeing and to being seen.
A town hall should reflect the identity of the neighbourhood, to represent its urban perception and the path of its future transformation. Our project is an urban space, transparent, where you can see the interior activity and the life outside of it...the day to day in the "barrio".
The proposed building is a volume that, because of the same principles of equity that are implicit in the activity within, follows strictly the building regulations and heights that the place dictates. The materiality of the building is a composition of concrete and glass, where the combination of light and heavy volumes crafts an aspiring yet respectful intervention in the zone.




Type: Open Competition
Date: 02.2014
Client: Alcaldia de Teusaquillo
Location:  Bogota, Colombia
Size: 3800 square meters
Status: Project Design
Team: Anna Kulik, Giorgio Badalacchi
Ana Salazar

Images: Monomo