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14B Dolland St
London, SE11 5LN
United Kingdom



By examining the historical evolution of the local area and the opportunities for the site, we have come to propose a new space, capable of fostering activities, and catering the demands of the community, while respecting its physical surroundings with a proportionate and sensitive intervention. We can identify three elements in the project; the Pavilion, the Esplanade, and the Testimonium.

For the Pavilion, we partially demolished   the toilet block and extended the building, creating more activity-focused areas, including: a café, a space for art exhibitions, and a co-working station for young entrepreneurs. The Esplanade provides enough flexibility to promote open air activities, such as: concerts, community events, festivals and, most importantly, the market, which will re-signify the way we trade nowadays. The Testimonium brings back to life the traces of the original “Lock-up” and “Roundhouse”, which were constructed in the XVIII century. Owing to its location in the intervention, the Testimonium can be used as a stage for outdoor events.

With the minimum intervention but maximum impact, we are conceiving the space that will host most of the complementary activities of the cultural life in Prescot.



Type: Recreational
Date: 09.2017
Location:  Prescot, UK
Size: 800 square meters
Status: Competition entry  
Team: Anna Kulik, Giorgio Badalacchi, Sophie Lambotte