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"Creating a National Museum of Memory is a task entrusted to the National Centre for Historical Memory in accordance with the Law 1448 of 2011 (Victims and Land Restitution Law).
According to this Law, this museum “must perform actions aiming to restore the dignity of victims and to disseminate the truth about what happened”. Thus, the project for the National Museum of Memory represents a commitment to the state’s duty to preserve the historical narrative, and constitutes the starting point in reparations to the victims of Colombia’s armed conflict."
Taken from "Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica”.

The project for the National Museum of Memory should promote the solemnity required by the memory of a war that has not yet ended, and the need for a new dynamic for the future of a capital of a country that has endured a conflict of this magnitude.
The responsibility of the building is to foster the ideal space for the construction of a collective memory, which does not concentrate on only one truth, but is the intersection point of several realities. It is the space in which the voices and expressions from all over the country are collected. 





Type: Construction Project. Urban Scale, Heritage, Urban Furniture
Date: 07.2015
Client: Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica
Location:  Bogotá, Colombia
Size: 18,000 sq m
Status: Competition entry
Team: Anna Kulik, Giorgio Badalacchi
Natalia Canal, Antonio Bermúdez, Ana Winograd,  Laura Gutierrez,  Ana Siachoque, Nicolas Gomez , Camilo Rico

Landscape architect : Diego Bermúdez

Images: MOBO, M.O.N.O.M.O