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Today, the relationships between ecosystems and human populations are in crisis and have been disrupted to the point that mankind seems to have no relation at all with the natural environment.
The growth of our cities is the best example of the disconnection between millions of citizens and the natural environment that they unconsciously occupy. The Fucha River is today an urban canal that has suffered the consequences of this fracture between cities and the natural world.
It is essential that we rebuild these relationships through an alternative urban development strategy that allows people to “LIVE THE RIVER”.
The main focus of our proposal is the river and its natural systems. The restoration of these will consolidate and integrate urban life with the elemental ecosystem of the savannah of Bogotá.
Densifying housing, organizing trading facilities and promoting a cleaner industry are the guidelines to follow. 
In priority areas such as the upper parts of the river, we propose housing improvement, employing a strategy that ensures environmental sustainability and improves living standards.
In the central part of the corridor, considering the sub-utilization of land and its networks, the project proposes to promote urban revitalization through a strategy of densification of low rise developments and mixed uses. 
Recent urban developments, with low land occupation and absence of commercial activities, have resulted in closed residential complexes that turn their backs to the water and life. The architectural intervention restores the activity on the sides of the river and proposes a landscape intervention to restore the bond between life and the natural environment.
In the areas intended for new developments, the project proposes a more vibrant public space. By creating local neighbourhood hubs with a concentration of ground floor commercial units, the river surroundings will become a safer and more engaging environment. The height of the buildings decreases as they come closer to the river, creating an appropriate built environment that co-exists in harmony with the natural systems.
Through a network of green links, we connect the public buildings, parks, squares, and metropolitan scale nodes.
These links prioritize pedestrians through proximity urbanism and expand the area of influence of the river´s natural systems. The combined result of the proposed strategies will be to establish a genuine urban ecosystem.



Type: First prize, open competition
Date: 10.2015
Client: Secretaría de Planeación
Location:  Bogota, Colombia
Size: 44 square K
Status: ongoing   
Team: MOBO:  Anna Kulik, Giorgio Badalacchi
                 Natalia Canal, Antonio Bermúdez, Ana Winograd, Laura Gutierrez, Felipe Rodriguez

                 CONCRETA: Juan Carlos Bohórquez, Nidia Acero, Julián Gomez, Leonardo Torres, Sebastían Jiménez

                 ECOPOLIS: Alex Jiménez