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The Fontanar del Rio Park forms a fundamental part of the Ecological Structure in the western area of Bogotá. This is why the appearance of the new sports center in the Fontanar del Río Park is essential to generate an impact in the area. Thus, the building aims to consolidate a node in the network of parks and green areas, enhancing the existing landscape and consolidating a new architectural image for the sector.

On the other hand, in order to generate independence between the different activities, each program was guaranteed its own access. As a result, the building has multiple ways of being wandered, promoting visual relationships between the circulation and the halls of activities; thus, encouraging curiosity and involvement from all users with sports activities. In addition, the independence of the volumes allows the building to have its own operation, different from the controlled hours of the park. The plaza, together with the access of the volume of the swimming pool and that of the polyvalent classroom, guarantee an urban life that does not depend on the park's time control and, on the contrary, feeds the activity.





Type: Recreational
Date: 08.2017
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Size:  1,787 square meters
Status: Competition entry   
Team: Giorgio Badalacchi, Natalia Canal, Andrés Melo, Ana Winograd, Jose Maria Rodriguez, Simon Campuzano, Sergio Jimenez
Collaborator: Taller Sintesis,