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The analysis of the setting and its surrounding led to the conclusion that CDI’s (Child Development Center) should not only respond to the needs of an educational building, but also to enhance the importance of a public space while consolidating a neighborhood. The purpose of this project was to allow the community to benefit from a large part of the public space. The children’s area would be on the first level, the most public program on the second, followed by the roof and its outdoor settings (used by children and the neighborhood). This outdoor setting will include court strands on the west end, merging with the platform. 

This building is able to solve such program and attend the needs of early childhood, while enforcing the idea of transforming such space for a community. Moreover, in order to meet its potential, we made sure that this space would become multiply equipped to be useful throughout the day and capable of adapting to any of the users requirements, becoming a place to play, to encounter, exercise and basically any sort of recreation!





Type: Educational
Date: 03.2018
Location: Cali, Colombia
Size:  2,504 square meters
Status: Competition entry   
Team: Giorgio Badalacchi,Natalia Canal, Andrés Melo, Jacobo Gallego, Mariana Márquez